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At RAW Metal Works, our custom railings & gates are constructed in a variety of styles & finishes to fit any design or style. Metal railings are made on a custom basis to fit the needs of our customer. With RAW Metal Works on-site capabilities, we can handle your railing or gate project completely from design to installation.

Think about it – handrails are often the first time a person interacts with a resident or business whether it be visually or by feel.  Custom railings are a great opportunity to make a statement about your building or home. Front railings on a porch or entry way often express what is to come when you pass through the doors while providing a safe and protected place to congregate with family or friends.

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Railing Gallery

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Industrial Metal Railings & Steps


Galvanized Steel Steps


Metal Railings & Stairs – Lake Homes


Lakeview Lodge Railings


Christianson Railings


Miscellaneous Railings 


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