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RAW Metal Works Landscape Decor
Based in Centerville, Iowa, RAW Metal Works offers a wide variety of metal décor items for both your home and outdoors – a true Southern Iowa secret! 

Custom Fire Pits

RAW Metal Works builds custom fire pits on a made-to-order basis. Fire pits can be made as the focal point of an outdoor patio, or as an insert/accent to a stone theme. With RAW Metal Works’ one-on-one design process, you are guaranteed that your fire pit is truly one of a kind. 

Custom Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens are a functional opportunity to add a metal presence to your stone fireplace or wood stove. Anything is possible from outdoor/wildlife scenes to geometric patterns. There’s no limit to your imagination! 

Landscape Accents

Landscape accent possibilities are endless. Start from scratch with our one-on-one design process or let Raw Metal Works repurpose your weathered materials into a statement piece. 

Metal & Wood Furniture

Nothings says “one-of-a-kind” more than designing your own bedroom set or virtually any household furniture item. Ask Rod about furniture enhancement ideas that are guaranteed to make you smile!


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Metal Décor Gallery

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